Piedmont Biodiversity Stewardship Council

The Piedmont Biodiversity Stewardship Council (PBSC) is a collective group of landowners in the Northern Piedmont focused on gaining and disseminating knowledge about existing biodiversity in our region. Utilizing conserved land of many owners, the Council collectively enables sound scientific investigation of our landscape, resulting in publication and dissemination of knowledge about wildlife, plants and other biota in our region. Through long term monitoring, stewardship involvement of owners, and sound organization and management, Council activities will make significant contributions to enhancing our knowledge of our own properties and the Northern Piedmont as a whole.

The PBSC is administered through Environmental Studies on the Piedmont. Council members have opportunities to participate in many ways according to membership status. The PBSC Steering Committee will liaison with the community and represent the interests of the membership.

Our inaugural camera trap project addresses a large interest of many landowners; specifically what wildlife occurs on our properties, and in the region. Our study will survey animals that can be detected with the use of camera traps distributed throughout the Piedmont. This survey will provide a baseline to detect the presence of species; valuable information to monitor changes over time. In addition, we may be able to decipher interesting characteristics like behavior (activity patterns) or general health (body condition). We will determine what species occur in different habitat types and photo capture rates for each species. For some species with unique individual markings (e.g. bobcat) it may also be possible to determine density of the species. Camera trapping is a well accepted tool among wildlife biologists and we anticipate publishing this study.

For further information, take a moment to read through our handouts

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