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Education programs cover a broad range of activities across all age groups. Our outreach programs are experiential-learning based, involving field trips, public events, guided tours and internships. K-12 field trips reestablish contact between youth and the natural world. Public community events emphasize outdoor activities to encourage appreciation of, and to stimulate interest in conservation of our local natural resources. Guided tours allow participants to learn quickly about nature and local ecosystems through short, high impact encounters with seasonal species.


Bird walks every two weeks

Nature in season (e.g. butterfly and dragonfly walks every two weeks in the warmer months)

All about bees

Winter Waterfowl

Spring ephemeral wild flowers

Vernal pool amphibians

Events are seasonal, please email us for more information or visit our calendar of events page


Our educational program is experientially based and strives to help develop observation, categorization and classification skills with students of all ages. We tackle classroom-learned concepts as "real problems" in the field, not as texbook exercises.

Equally important is our mission to reconnect students with nature through exploration and discovery. By motivating an interest in science and conservation, the impact of the learning experience for the student is multiplied, because it is cross-curriculum community-based and is re-addressed multiple times in field trips and the classroom.

Undergraduate, Internships and Graduate Research

Undergraduates and Interns may apply to pursue their own projects while assisting ES's research goals. Graduate students may apply to base their research investigation at ES

Research Partnerships

College and University professors use ES as an outdoor lab. Undergraduates use the field station to carry out short-term research projects and studies.


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